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AA - (Soviet) Air Army
AAA - Anti Aircraft Armament
A/A - air to air (A/G - air to ground)
A&AEE Aircraft and Armament Experimental Establishment
AAC - Army Air Corps
AAD - Advanced Air Depot: UK repair bases for the USAAF on RAF sites
AAF - Auxiliary Air Force
AAFCE - Allied Air Forces Central Europe
AAS - Air Armament School No.1 Manby (1943)
AAFS - Advanced Air Firing School
AASF - Advanced Air Striking Force
AACU - Anti Aircraft Cooperation Unit
AATTF - Anti-Aircraft and Target Towing Flight
A&AEE - Aeroplane & Armament Experimental Establishment
ABC - Airborne Cigar - transmitter aboard aircraft which jammed German fighter control frequencies
AC - Aircraftman : AC1 .. First Class, AC2 .. Second Class
ACC - Armoured Car Company eg No 1 Armoured Car Company, formed on 19.12.21 for service in Iraq, a forerunner of the RAF Regiment
ACO - Air Cadet Organisation
A/C - aircraft
ACAC - Aircrew Allocation Centre - Brackla (1944)
ACATC - Air Cadets Adventure Training Centre (Llanbeder and Windermere)
A/Cdre - Air Commodore
ACCGS - Air Cadets Central Gliding School (RAF Syerston)
ACDC - Aircrew Despatch Centre
ACDW - Air Crew Disposal Wing
ACGFSOC - Air Cadet Gliding Flight Safety Officer's Course
ACGS(OR) - Assistant Chief of the General Staff (Operational Requirements)
ACFSS - Air Cadets Flying Scholarship Scheme
ACH - Aircrafthand
ACHU - Aircrew Holding Unit
ACM - Air Chief Marshal
ACP - Air Cadet Publication (derived from APs)
ACPNTS - Air Cadets Pilot Navigation Training Scheme
ACRC - Air Crew Reception Centre - St John's Wood, London - Regent's Park, London
ACSB - Air Crew Selection Board
ACSEA - Air Command South East Asia
ACTC - Air Cadet Training Centre (at RAFC Cranwell)
ADCC - Air Defence Cadet Corps (established 1938, see ATC)
ADGB - Air Defence of Great Britain
ADLS - Air Despatch Letter Service
AE - Air Efficiency award
AEO - Air Electronics Officer (V Bombers)/Operator (Coastal Command and current)
AEF - Air Experience Flight(s) (Air Cadets, various locations)
AFC - Air Force Cross
AFDS - Air Fighting Development Squadron, part of CFE
AFDU - Air Fighting Development Unit
AFM - Air Force Medal
AFS - Advanced Flying School - No.201 Swinderby (1948)
AFTCC - Air Force Troop Carrier Command
AFU - Advanced Flying Unit
AG - Air Gunner
AGS - Air Gunnery School
AGT - Airwork & General Trading (part of the CRO)
AGT - Advanced Gliding Training (Air Cadets)
AI - Airborne Interception - night fighter radar equipment
A&IEU - Armament & Instrument Experimental Unit
ALO - Air Liaison Officer
ALM - Air Loadmaster
AM - Air Marshal
AMWD - Air Ministry Works Department
AMES - Air Ministry Experimental Station
AMO - Air Ministry Order
ANS - Air Navigation School - No.10 Swanton Morley (1946), No.2 Middleton St George (1948)
AOC - Air Officer Commanding
AOP - Air Observation Post
AONS - Air Observer and Navigation School - eg 7 AONS based in Queenstown, S Africa; 5 AONS raised in Weston Super Mare, transferred to Oudshoorn, South Africa
AOS - Air Observer School
AP - Air Publication
APC - Armament Practice Camp
APP - Aiming Point Photo
APS - Armament Practice Station
ASC - Air Support Command
ASI - Air Speed Indicator
ASR - Air Sea Rescue
AST - Air Service Training (CRO)
ASTOR - Airborne Stand-Off Radar
A/P - Aiming Point
A/S - Anti Submarine
ASV - Airborne Surface Vessel, radar for maritime patrol aircraft
ATA - Air Transport Auxiliary
ATC - Air Training Corps (succeeded ADCC, 1941)
ATC - Air Traffic Control
ATS - Auxiliary Territorial Service (women)
ATREL - Air Transportable Reconnaissance Exploitation Laboratory
AVM - Air Vice-Marshal
AW/CN - Awaiting Collection
AWDS - All Weather Development Squadron
AWFCS - All Weather Fighter Combat Squadron
AWOL - Absent Without Leave

BABS - Beam Approach Beacon System - or Blind Approach Beacon System ??
BAFO - BAFO British Air Forces of Occupation
BAOR - British Army of the Rhine
BATF - Blind/Beam Approach Training Flight
BBOC - Brought Back On Charge
BC - Bomber Command
BCAS - Bomber Command Armament School
BCATP - British Comonwealth Air Training Plan
BCMC - Bomber Command Modification Centre
BDTF - Bomber Defence Training Flight
BDU - Bomber Development Unit
BFTS - British Flying Training School - No.1 Terrell, Texas
B&GF - Bombing & Gunnery Flight
B&GS - Bombing & Gunnery School
BGT - Basic Gliding Training (Air Cadets)
BLEU - Blind Landing Experimental Unit
BMEWS - Ballistic Missile Early Warning System
BMH - British Military Hospital
BNDSG - British Nuclear Defence Study Group
BRIXMIS - British Commanders In Chief Mission to Soviet Forces in Germany
BRNC - Britannia Royal Naval College, Dartmouth
BSDU - Bomber Support Development Unit
BSSO(G) - British Services Security Organisation (Germany)

C2 - Command and Control
CAACU - Civilian Anti-Aircraft Co-operation Unit
CAT - Damage Category
CB - Confined to Barracks
C&M - Care and Maintenance
CCRC - Combat Crew Replacement Center
C(OTU) - Coastal Operational Training Unit
CF - Conversion Flight
CFE - Central Fighter Establishment
CFI - Chief Flying Instructor
CFS - Central Flying School
CGM - Conspicuous Gallantry Medal
CGMF - Central Glider Maintainance Flight (RAF Syerston - now ACCCGS Engineering Flt)
CGS - Central Gunnery School
CHL - Chain Home Low
CIA - Central Intelligence Agency
C&L - Circuits & Landings
CO - Commanding Officer (can also be OC)
CPE - Central Photographic Establishment
CRO - Civilian Repair Organisation
CRP - Civilian Repair Party
CS(A) - Controller of Supply (Aircraft)
CSDE - Central Servicing Development Establishment
CSE - Central Signals Establishment
CTS - Combat Training School
CU - Conversion Unit
CV - Common Valve eg CV138
CWP - Contractor's Working Party

DASC - Defence Aviation Safety Centre (replaced RAF Inspectorate of Flight Safety, 2002)
DBF - Destroyed By Fire
DBR - Damaged Beyond Repair
DCDC - DC to DC convertor - Direct Current to Direct Current converter
DDR - East Germany Deutsche Democratic Republik - also GDR
DFC - Distinguished Flying Cross
DFM - Distinguished Flying Medal
DFCS - Day Fighter Combat School, part of CFE
DGRD - Director General Research and Development
DHFS - Defence Helicopter Flying School
DIS - Defence Intelligence Staff
DNCO - Did Not Complete Operation - see Boomerang
DPS - Director of Personnel Services
DPS - Defence Planning Staff, part of the MoD central Defence Staff
DR - dead reckoning
DRO - Daily Routine Orders
DSO - Distinguished Service Order
DTD - Directorate of Technical Development
DZ - Dropping Zone

EANS - Empire Air Navigation School
EAOS - Elementary Air Observer School
EBTS - Elementary and Basic Training School (Coastal Command)
ECFS - Empire Central Flying School
ECM - Electronic Counter Measures
E/F - Engine Failure
EFTS - Elementary Flying Training School - No.18 Fairoaks 1942
EGAF - East German Air Force
EGS - Elementary Gliding School
EMP - Electromagnetic Pulse
EOWS - Elementary Observer Wireless School
E&RFTS - Elementary & Reserve Flying Training School
ETA - Estimated Time of Arrival
ETO - European Theatre of Operations
EU - Embarkation Unit

FAA - Fleet Air Arm
FA, F(A), F/A - Flying Accident accidental damage or loss: or fighter affiliation
FB, F(B), F/B - Flying Battle - operational damage or loss
FBSU - Flying Boat Servicing Unit
FC - Fighter Command
FFI - Free from infection
FIDO - Fog Investigation and Dispersal Operation
F/E - Flight Engineer
FIS - Fighter Instructors School
FLAK - Fliegerabwehrkanone - German anti-aircraft artillery
FLT - Flight
F/L - Flight Lieutenant
FLS - Fighter Leaders School
F/O - Flying Officer
FPP - Ferry Pilots Pool
FRU - Fleet Requirements Unit
F/S - Flight Sergeant
FTC - Flying Training Command
FTFLT - Ferry Training Flight
FTR - Failed to Return
FTS - Flying Training School

GAF - German Air Force
GAL - General Aircraft Ltd (CRO)
GAR - Glavna Aeroplansva Radionica, (Main Aviation Workshop)
GATU -Ground Attack Training Unit
GCA - Ground Control Approach
GCHQ - Government Communications HQ
GD - General Duties - see
GDA - Group Disposal Account
G-H - Blind bombing radar device
GIC - Gliding Induction Course (Air Cadets)
GP - Group Pool
GP - (bomb) General Purpose high explosive bomb
GP CF - Group Conversion Flight
GPR - Glider Pilot Regiment
GR - general reconnaissance
GROPE - ground operational exercise
GRU - Glavnoje Razved-yvatelnoje Upravlenie (Intelligence Directorate of the Red Army)
GS - Gliding Scholarship (Air Cadets)
GSU - Group Support Unit
GTS - Glider Training School

H2S Airborne radar navigational and target location aid
H2X - American version of H2S
HAD - Home Aircraft Depot
HAL - Hawker Aircraft Limited
HCU - Heavy Conversion Unit - 1661 Winthorpe (1944)
HE - (bomb) High explosive bomb>
HE - (movements) Home Establishment?
HFF - Heavy Freight Flight
HG -
HGCU - Heavy Glider Conversion Unit
HGMU - Heavy Glider Maintenance Unit
HP - Handley Page
HQ AC - Headquarters Air Cadets (RAFC Cranwell)
1995/96 - reverted to HQ AC/HQ EFT (UAS) in later 1996)
HQ ATA - Head Quarters Air Transport Auxiliary
HQ EFT - Headquarters Elementary Flying Training
HQ FPP - Head Quarters Ferry Pilots Pool
HQ P&SS - Headquarters Provost & Security Services - 'Snowdrops'
HQ PTC - Headquarters Personnel & Training Command (RAF Innsworth)
HQ STC - Headquarters Strike Command RAFVR (T) - Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve (Training branch)
HQ TAF - Head Quarters Tactical Air Force
HQ U&AC - Headquarters Universities & Air Cadets (Trial amalgamation of HQ AC & UAS administration through HQ EFT during
HSL - High Speed Launch (ASR vessel)

IA - Imagery Analyst
IAP - Izvidacki Avijacijcki Puk, (Reconnaissance Aviation Regiment)
IAAS - Inland Area Aircraft School
I/C - in charge (of) e.g. Officer i/c Admin
ICBM - Intercontinental Ballistic Missile
IDE - Instrument Design Establishment at Biggin Hill. This unit was disbanded on 1.4.22 and the task transferred to the Royal Aircraft Establishment at Farnborough.
IFF - Identification Friend or Foe
IGT - Initial Gliding Training (Air Cadets)
I/O - Intelligence Officer
IR - Infra Red
IRBM - Intermediate Range Ballistic Missile
IRLS - Infra Red Line Scan
IR&SU - Immediate Reserve & Support Unit
ITS - Initial Training School
ITW - Initial Training Wing - Blackpool

JARIC - Joint Air Reconnaissance Intelligence Centre
JATS - Joint Air Training Scheme
JEFTS - Joint Elementary Flying Training Squadron
JIC - Joint Intelligence Committee (G Germany)
JRV - Jugoslovensko Ratno Vazdvhoplovstvo, (Yugoslavian Air Force)
JSPI - Joint School of Photographic Interpretation

KGB - Komitet gosudarstvennol bezopasnosti (Russian) Committee for State Security

LABS - Low Altitude Bombing System: LAB low altitude bombing (or LLB low level bombing?)
LAC - Leading Aircraftman
LACW - Leading Aircraftwoman
LCN - Method of identifying the load­weight characteristics of a runway
LFS - Lancaster Finishing School - No.5 Syerston (1944)
LG - Landing Ground
LMF - Lacking Moral Fibre
LNSF - Light Night Striking Force, of Mosquitoes of 8 Group
LOROP - Long Range Oblique Photography
LOX - Liquid Oxygen
LRDF - Long Range Development Flight

MACR - Master Aircrew
MAEE - Marine Aircraft Experimental Establishment
MAP - Ministry of Aircraft Production
MAREL - Moveable Air Reconnaissance Exploitation Unit
MCU - Mosquito Conversion Unit
MEDME - Mediterranean and Middle East
MFPU - Mobile Field Photographic Unit
MGSP - Mobile Glider Servicing Party (pre-CGMF, now ACCGS Eng Flt)
MO - Medical Officer
MOA - Ministry of Aviation
MOS - Ministry of Supply
MR squadron - Medium Reconnaissance squadron
MRBM - Medium Range Ballistic Missiles
MR&ES - Missing Research & Enquiry Service: RAF unit which worked to recover, identify and where necessary relocate RAF war dead: sometime also seen as MR&EU - Missing Research & Enquiry Unit
MSFU - Merchant Ship Fighter Unit
MT - Motor Transport
MTD - RAF Motor Transport Depot at Harlescott near Shrewsbury
MTRD - Mechanical Transport Repair Depot
MTU - Mosquito Training Unit
MTRU - Mechanical Transport Repair Unit
MU - Maintenance Unit
MUG - Mid Upper Gunner

NAAFI - Navy, Army, Air Force Institute: also No Ambition & F******* All Interest
NATO - North Atlantic Treaty Organisation
NBC - Nuclear, Biological, Chemical
NCO - Non Commissioned Officer
NFT - Night Flying Test
N/E - Non Effective Airframe
NFI - Not F******* Interested
NI CF - Night Conversion Flight
NORAD - North American Air Defence (Command)
NRC - Nuclear Reporting Cell
NVA - East German Army - Nationale Volksarmee

OAFU - Observers Advanced Flying Unit - No.3 Bobbington (1943)
OANS - Observers Air Navigation School
OAR - Obusna Aeroplansva Radionica, (District Aviation Workshop)
OASC - Officer and Aircrew Selection Centre
OBS - Observer School
OC - Commanding Officer (can also be CO)
OCU - Operational Conversion Unit - No.230 Lindholme (1949)
OIC - Officer's Initial Course (for RAFVR (T) officers, conducted at ACTC)
OP - Observation Point
O/R - Orderly Room
ORB - Operations Record Book (Form 540), monthly summaries: Form 541 for accompanying Appendices containing important details of specific events
ORBAT - Order of Battle
ORTU - Operational Refresher Training Unit
OSC - Officers Senior Course (for RAFVR (T) officers, conducted at ACTC)
OTSCU - Officer Training School Conversion Unit
OTU - Operational Training Unit - No.28 Wymeswold (1943)
OTW - Operational Training Wing

PAFU - Pilots Advanced Flying Unit - No.6 Little Rissington (1944)
PATP - Packed Aircraft Transit Pool
PDC - Personnel Despatch Centre
PDU - Photographic Development Unit
PDU - Personnel Dispersal Unit eg 102 PDU Cardington
PFF - Pathfinder Force
PFFNTU - Pathfinder Force Navigational Training Unit
PHU - Personnel Holding Unit - No.3 Morecambe (1944)
PIU - Photographic Intelligence Unit
PM Hospital - Princess Mary's Hospital
PMC - President of the Mess Committee
POL depot - Petrol, Oil and Lubricants depot
POW - Prisoner of War
PR - Photographic Reconnaissance
PRC - Personnel Reception Centre
PRU - Photographic Reconnaissance Unit
PSP runway - Pierced Steel Planking runway
PT - Physical Training

Proficiency ratings:
Tradesmen: A - Skilled in his trade (applicable to airmen up to the rank of Corporal inclusive).
Tradesmen: B - Ability as a Technical Warrant Officer or Non-commissioned officer, ie as a foreman manager, foreman or supervisor in his trade.
Air Crew Personnel: A - Proficiency as a pilot, navigator, air bomber, air gunner etc
Air Crew Personnel: A - Ability as a Warrant Officer or Non-commissioned officer
Proficency is shown as Ex (Exceptional), Supr (Superior), Sat (Satisfactory), Mod (Moderate), Inf (Inferior)

QAA - At what time do you expect to arrive at ...?
QAH - what is your height above ... ?
QAK - is there any risk of collision?
QAL - are you going to /have you landed at ...
QBA - what is the horizontal visibility at ... ?
QDM - magnetic bearing to a DF station
QDR - magnetic bearing from a DF station
QFE - atmospheric pressure at aerodrome elevation
QFI - Qualified Flying Instructor
QGI - Qualified Gliding Instructor
QFO - may I land immediately?
QFR - does my landing gear appear damaged?
QFT - between what heights above ... (datum) has ice formation been observed [at ... (position or zone)]?
QGH - controlled descent through cloud
QGO - airfield closed due to weather
QGV - do you see me? or can you see the aerodrome? or can you see ... (aircraft)?
QGX - May I land using the ZZ procedure
QNH - atmospheric pressure at sea level
QRA - Quick Reaction Alert
QSY - change frequency
QTH - my position is ...
QTR - what's the time?

see also Q Codes website

'Reason' column codes on log book page recording postings e.g. - C, DD, H, K, G/X, X ...
H - Holding?

RAAA - Repaired and Awaiting Allocation, or Repaired Aircraft Awaiting Action - which?
RAAF - Royal Auxiliary Air Force/Royal Australian Air Force
RAeS - Royal Aeronautical Society
RAuxAF - Royal Auxiliary Air Force
RAE - Royal Aircraft Establishment
RAFASU - RAF Armament Support Unit (formerly BCAS)
RAFD - RAF Depot - No.1 Uxbridge 1939
RAFVR - RAF Volunteer Reserve
RAT Flight - Radio Aids Training Flight
RATG - Rhodesian Air Training Group, Bulawayo, Southern Rhodesia
R&C -
R&D - Research & Development
RCAF - Royal Canadian Air Force
RCM Squadron Flight - Radio Counter Measures Squadron Flight
RDF - Radio Direction Finding
RDU - Radio Direction Unit
RF - Reserve Flight
RFC - Royal Flying Corps
RFS - Reserve Flying School
R/G - Rear Gunner
RIW - Repaired in Works
RLG - Relief Landing Ground
RN - Royal Navy
RNAS - Royal Naval Air Service
RNZAF - Royal New Zealand Air Force
ROC - Royal Observer Corps
ROS - Repaired on Site
RRF - Radar Reconnaissance Flight
RS - Radio School - No.10 Carew Cheriton
RSU - Repair & Servicing Unit or Repair and Salvage Unit - which?- probably the latter
RTP - Recruit Training Pool
RTTL - Rescue/Target Towing Launch (post war description of HSL)

RAF Character during Service
VG is the highest that can be awarded in the RAF

S of AT -
S of AT(PS) -
SAC - Senior Aircraftman
SACEUR - Supreme Allied Commander Europe
SAN - School of Air? Navigation
SAR - Sanostacna Aeroplansva Radionica, (Independent Aviation Workshop)
SAS - Servicing & Aircraft Section or Service and Aircraft Section - which?
SASO - Senior Air Staff Officer
SBA - Standard Beam Approach
SBAC - Society of British Aircraft Constructors
SBC - Small Bomb Container
SC - Strike Command
SD - Special Duties
SF - Station Flight
SFT - School of Flying Training
SFTS - Service Flying Training School
SGR - School of General Reconnaissance
SHQ - Station Head Quarters
SIOP - Single Integrated Operational Plan
SIS - Secret Intelligence Service (British)
S/L or S/Ldr - Squadron Leader
SLAIS - Specialised Low Attack Instructor School
SLAR - Sideways Looking Airborne Radar
SLBM - Submarine Lauched Ballistic Missile
SLG - Satellite Landing Ground
SN-2 - German night fighter radar
S of TT - School of Technical Training - No.4 S of TT St Athan
SOE operations - Operations under the control of the Special Operations Executive
SOC - Struck off Charge
SOP - Standard Operational Procedure
SOXMIS - Soviet Exchange Mission
SP - Service Police
SP - Skolski Puk, (Training Regiment)
SQ/SQN/SQD - Squadron - No.207
SRO - Station Routine Orders
SRW - Strategic Reconnaissance Wing
SS - Salvage Section
SSA - Supplementary Storage Area
SSC - Senior Supervisor's Course (for senior QGI's, conducted at ACCGS - similar to regular Flying Supervisors Course)
SSQ - Station Sick Quarters
SU - Signals Unit
SWO - Station Warrant Officer

TAF - Tactical Air Force
TAMU - Transport Aircraft Maintenance Unit
TASM - Tactical Air to Surface Missile
TCU - Transport Conversion Unit - Dishforth 1947
TDS - Training Depot Station
TEU - Tropical Experimental Unit
TF - Training Flight
TFH - Total Flying Hours
TFU - Telecommunications Flying Unit - Defford Memorial
TI - Target Indicator (flare)
TRE - Telecomms Research Establishment
TRS - Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron
TS - Training Squadron
TSTU - Transport Support Training Unit
TTB - Towed Target Bombing
TTC - Technical Training Command
TTF - Target Towing Flight
TTO - Towed-Target Operator

UAS University Air Squadron
U/C - undercarriage
UKAIR - NATO HQ in UK responsible for maintaining integrity of UK Air Defence Region and over UK nuclear force assigned to SACEUR
UKWMO - UK Warning and Monitoring Organisation
U/S - Unserviceable
USAAC - United States Army Air Corps
USAAF - United States Army Air Force (designated thus from June 20 1941, although the term Army Air Corps remained in use long after that date: post war, USAF, USAFE - USAF Europe)
U/T - Under training

VACU - visibility and clouds unlimited (possibly American)
VC - Victoria Cross
VCAS - Vice Chief of the Air Staff
VGS - Volunteer Gliding School(s) (Air Cadets, various locations)
VHF - Very High Frequency
VOS - Vazdvhoplovna Oficirsva Skola, (Aviation Officers School)
VR - Vazovhoplovna Radionica, (Aviation Repair Workshop)
V/STOL - Vertical/Short Take Off and Landing
VTB Vazdvhoplovna-Tehnicki Battalion, (Aviation Technical Battalion)

WAAF - Women's Auxiliary Air Force
W/Cdr - Wing Commander (also W/C)
w.e.f. or w/e/f - with effect from
WFU - Withdrawn from Use
W/O - Warrant Officer
W/Op - Wireless Operator (WOp/AG - Wireless Operator/Air Gunner)
WRAF - Women's Royal Air Force
WRAFVR (T) - Womens Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve (Training branch) (disbanded with WRAF)
WST - Weapons Standardisation Team
WSU - Workshop Unit
W/T - Wireless Telegraphy


Action Stations e.g No.1, MJF Bowyer (Patrick Stephens, 1979)
RAF Records at the PRO, Fowler, Elliott, Nesbit, Goulter (PRO Publications)
The Bomber Offensive, Verrier (Batsford 1968)
Pilot, Joe Patient DFC (Leo Cooper 1997)
Records of the Royal Air Force
- How to find The Few, Eunice Wilson
Journal of the RAF Historical Society

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