Time is remorselessly taking its toll

Many of the contacts listed are veterans of WWII.
Please make your contacts sensitively as you may find that they have recently become ill or died.

Etiquette and protection of members

If you are asking to be put in touch with members of an Association do not be surprised if the Association says they'll check first to see if the people involved wish to be contacted.


These are hyperlinked - email addresses are not, in order to cut down on the detection of addresses by unscrupulous spammers. The explanations page page shows how to use the email address information provided when sending an email.

A website/email address may not have been created for an Association but may be an entirely separate venture.
Please do not assume that there is a connection, unless this is stated.

If no association is listed for a current RAF squadron, find their present station from the RAF website and write to them there.

Please support those you contact for help

Virtually all these organisations depend on subscriptions and fund raising. When writing to them, especially from abroad, please enclose postage and an addressed reply envelope.

If you feel that you wish to express your thanks in a practical way for what they have provided, a donation to their funds will undoubtedly be welcome.

Frank Haslam, Editor, Royal Air Forces Register of Associations